Palm Beach

Various Events and Festivals in Palm Beach

Palm Beach, Florida, is known for various famous events and festivals. Hence, it is visited by people from all over the world throughout the year. If you love watching or participating in festivals, especially those having a unique flavor, then visit the festivals in Palm Beach are sure to enthrall you. Each of these festivals is unique in itself. Have you ever heard of such a festival where garlic plays a major role? If not then you should be at the Delray Beach Garlic Festival.  Do you have any idea about the types of boats that are present in the world? Sun Fest will show you that. When you are in Palm Beach then you should try and be part of these festivals so that you can also understand the festival better and enjoy it.

Sun Fest

This is an event which is really more of a jubilee. It is an annual event and is known to be the largest and most renowned music and art festival of Florida. It is estimated that about a third of a million people attend this event every year as here every member of your family would find his or her favorite entertainment. This festival is also popular for the boaters as many people take a boat ride to enjoy the fireworks and music while sailing in their boats. If you really want to enjoy a boat ride, wait until the crowd clears and then you’ll can have uninterrupted view of the fireworks.

Delray Beach Garlic Festival

This event takes place in February. So if you are in Palm Beach in February do not miss this festival. The festival is mostly a cookery show with cooking contests where you can showcase your cooking talent and can taste good food if you are a food nut. You can buy cookbooks and also buy items made of garlic from the vendors participating in the festival. The kids would not be bored as there is a special kid’s area where constant entertainment options are provided through garlic related activities.

The Boat Show

This boat show which is organized every year in March in Florida is one of the largest boat shows of Florida. It is also the 7th largest boat show in the country. It is said that about 50,000 people attend the show and it has been continued for the past 20 years. It is so popular that people from throughout USA as well as world come to see this show and it has been rated as a spectacular boat show in USA. Those of you who want to know about fishing can get fishing lessons during the event and can see over 1,000 boats on the display.

Pins and Needles Art Show

Those of you who are interested in getting a tattoo or have interest in indie crafts or underground music cultures, this show in July is a must. There are various tattoo artists who would display their work. You can interact with the artists and also visit the craft makers’ shows and can buy items. The bands perform on the stage and you can enjoy the music and have drinks with friends till 2 am. It’s a classic event the locals look forward to every year.

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